Tragically Awkward Wedding Photos (15 Images)

So guys enough of those cliché wedding pictures where you see people posing with their happy faces on. But now we are going to show you some rare pictures where you will see that the bride and the groom aren’t as decent that they appear to be in those cliché photos. But yes if you […]

They Wish They Had Deleted These Snapchat Pictures (8 Images)

One Night Stand. It is bad enough that you have had a one night stand with the person who cannot wait for you to leave the next morning. You can feel it in the air as soon as you are up and they drop all the subtle hints that are possible and sometimes don’t even […]

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These Ladies’ Behinds Will Make You Feel Things (7 Images)

Are you having a bad day? Has the boss been too much frenzy over little and trivial things? Then you know what, you have landed at the very right space because we have gathered some amazing backs that will set your gloomy day into a fine one. We have been lucky enough to have seen […]

The Location of Body Acne Can Reveal Health Problems (10 Images)

The most common part of the body where acne forms are the face, more specifically the cheeks. It can be due to various reasons, for example, your skin might be naturally oily. Allergies and touching you face with dirty hands are usually the most common causes… Cheek acne may also occur because of some lung […]

Top 10 World’s Most Beautiful Models of 2016 (10 Images)

10. Adriana Lima: Adriana Lima is a Brazilian model and actress. She started her career in the late 90’s and ever since has appeared for several brands, today she has become one of the top faces in the world. She is most famous for her modeling for Victoria’s Secret and for being the face of […]

This Woman Strips Down And Paints Her Body In Incredible Ways (11 Images)

Kay Pike is a Canadian-based model, designer, and makeup artist. She is the face behind the, which is a fashion design company. All of the work you’ll see of Kay Pike you’ll notice that she does not do anything convention but thinks out of the box. But recently she started something which most people […]